Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em Poker

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Texas holdem poker the most wanted online poker card games on Facebook. Over 1 million players play this game. It is even the most popular gambling game in top downloads. Don’t worry to play Texas Holdem since the money used in this game is virtual, not the cash one.

Texas Hold’em Poker

The rules to play this poker game is similar to others, but you can meet more challenging opponents in Texas Holdem.

Texas Hold’em Poker
Texas Hold’em Poker

Tips and Tricks

You play strategic and deception games via Texas Holdem to get bigger winning chance. Don’t be too sensitive when playing this game since your opponents have many tricks to trap you and make you emotional. Here we give you some examples of situation in this game.

If your first card is AA, KK, AK, KQ, QJ, JT, or T-9, you can just choose ALL IN. You don’ need to wait for the  second or third card to open. This will make your opponents feeling down so that they will simply fold.  If you just get a lot of chips, you have to save your chips  or simply don’t pile the chips on the table. Surely, they will run out quickly if you use them more. Opponents who know the situation and see many chips on the table will lure you to use your chips until sacrificing all of your chips.  You have to stop playing the game if you get many chips. You don’t know what will happen next if you keep playing the game with different emotion.

Position Strategy

Tips and tricks you can use is the position strategy on the table. Your position can effect your winning opportunity. How can? The dealer or the system will be always the strongest among the other players since he can bet last to get richer information. He will know the decision to play the game, but the player right next to the dealers has an opportunity to get more power than the dealer. The player can raise and become stronger while the players in early position become weak since they don’t get much information about the game style on the table. Think of your position and find the best table to get lucky cards.

Free vs Paid version

You can get Texas Holdem application for free, but you have to connect to the internet. You can login with Facebook account or login as guest by adding nickname. Actually you can play Texas Holdem for completely free and you can get a lot of chips from your game results. But if you want to level up quickly to a veteran level, you can buy chips by paying with real money. For example, if you want to buy 100,000,000 chips you have to pay real cash. You can buy chips by selecting Purchasing menu on the game and use the payment methods such as using phone number, debit or credit card, and so on. Don’t forget that Texas Holdem is merely a game so that you don’t need to sacrifice many cash to get the chips.

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