Super Color Sic Bo Game Winning Tips

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Have you ever heard about Super Color Sic Bo game before? Maybe it is not as common as sic bo game itself, however, it also becomes an interesting game of Sic Bo. Super Color Sic Bo can be an alternative for sic bo players who are interested in playing a different game of sic bo. The game uses 12 sided dice which contains number 1 up to 12 in three different colors which is red, blue, and green. That is why it is called Super Color. Here are some Super Color Sic Bo game-winning tips that you should know.

Super Color Sic Bo Game Winning Tips

Super Color Sic Bo Game Winning Tips
Super Color Sic Bo Game Winning Tips

Knowing the Rules of Super Color Sic Bo

This game is more challenging since there are 12 sides of dice to play while the regular Sic Bo uses only 6 sides dice. The regular sic bo is more predictable because of the 6-sided dice. Although Super Color Sic Bo uses more dice than the regular sic bo, the benefits for the players are similar. So, the differentiation between super color sic bo and sic bo are the payouts and type of bets.

When playing super color sic bo in any most trusted online slot betting site with nonstop bonuses and online casino with huge promotions, the dealer will throw 12 sided dice in order to know the payout of the bets. If the payout is based on the bets placed, then the player is going to get a profit based on their bet. If the bet is smaller it means the payout will be higher. Therefore, the player can even get payout up to hundreds if the player successfully places triple bets. Triple bets are when three dice have the same number of the bets that the player places.

Choosing the Best Betting

You are only able to target the lower risk bets by choosing bets with several colors or numbers. Actually, super color sic bo is designed to let the player get higher payout bet whenever playing the game. Therefore, you should place the bet directly on the betting with a high payout. If you are afraid to take a risk that you want to earn big payout then it is better to choose betting 3 or 2 colors. Those betting types have high potential to win. On the other hand, if you are brave enough, you can put it double or triple.

Change Your Strategy

If you lose the game, it means that you should change your strategy for the next game. As we know, Super Color Sic Bo is very dynamic so that it changes every time. Therefore, it is better to change the strategy. In other words, not only the game but you are also dynamic and flexible. Changing the strategy can be started by choosing a different betting type. However, you still need to considerate every type of bet before choosing one with the most profitable one.

Playing super color sic bo may be more challenging compared to the regular sic bo. However, every casino games are worth to play since the prizes are profitable. After all, you need to stay calm in order to enjoy the game and use your strategy to win the game.

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