Soccer Handicap betting, Is It effective?

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For those bettors who have played soccer handicap betting, is it effective? After gaining high popularity in Asia regions, this fair betting play steadily slip into European betting table. The rule is simple, yet adding another fun drop for the bookies. The handicap betting usually applies for soccer or football, the sport that always runs at least one game every day in the world.

Soccer Handicap betting, Is It effective?

What Is Handicap System?

Whether you realize it or not, the traditional betting system gives you some disadvantages. How? It is by allowing one uncertain option to the list: draw. It makes things complicated, since you are not in a T-junction, but a cross roads! This is where handicap system comes to the rescue. It eliminates draws possibility and focusing on the strength of each team instead.

In its early debut, the betting system that excludes draw is called Asian handicap. In addition to the absence of draw option, a handicap is also given to the less favorable team. As the result, both team will have equally strong start. The handicap varies from the goals and fraction of goals in the game. Many online bookmakers like the leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookies offers this option.

How It Works?

When you play this betting game, you should be able to see the value deficit in the beginning of the bet. For example, team A is against team B in an upcoming match. On the day of the match, a handicap rule is ruled out as follows: team A (-1) and team B (+1). In this case, team A is usually the stronger one, while team B is the least expected to win team.

In the end of the match, the final result is 3:1, victory to team A. Before the punters could determine who won the bet, the handicap rule must be applied first. Team A is the winner, so the final score would be 3-1 and the result is 2. This number is greater than team B score: 1. According to this result, the bettors who have put their money on team A’s table will bring back some money with them.

Why It Is Interesting?

If you choose to play the game with handicap system, you have to focus on the possible margin instead of the possibility of certain team to win. This habit, of course, breaks the flat routine of normal bookies as they meticulously note the win and lose for every match from certain club. Instead of saying that this effort is not useful, it would be wiser to refer to it as “too much”.

Plus, the consideration is altered to slightly different position. You and fellow punters should add the match schedule into consideration. Take an example from a strong team who will have a match against the underdog. Several days after the match, the team is going to have another bigger match against stronger opponents.

Put yourself in coach’s point of view. Will they push the players to play hard and get exhausted on the following day, or play safe and keep the energy for the next match?

One fair point from handicap system is giving the minor or less favored team a step ahead the start. It makes both teams runs from similar point. Otherwise, one will be left behind its opponent. The punters could also pick several modes in handicap games. Back to the initial concern: soccer handicap betting, is it effective? Yes, as it adds the fun and increase the challenge.

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