Point spreads in sports gambling

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Gambling is the new addiction in town. Many people succumb to this addiction. To attract more people, people organizing these betting events are coming up with new and innovative techniques like Point spreads in sports gambling. Initially, every person who wanted to bet had to go to a particular place. Slowly with the evolution of the Internet, culture of online betting gained popularity. Now people can sit at the comfort of their homes and bet on events. Additionally, the process of betting itself has had many changes and this has only led to more people trying their hand at betting.

Point spreads in sports gambling

Point spreads is one of the techniques bought in to increase the enthusiasm and fervor of betting. In traditional betting scenarios, there are only two outcomes – win or lose. However, to make the game more challenging and interesting, people came up with the concept of spreads. A spread is essentially a list of outcomes and you bet whether the outcome will be above or below the spread.  For example consider two teams A and B. And assume that the committee has decided to give team A a lead of 4 points. So now the scenario can be represented as A +4 and B is -4. Now if a person bets on team B, then the team has to win by a lead of at least 4 points. On the other hand, if the player bets of team A, then the team has to lose by at least 4 points. That is how the concept of point spreads work. The point spreads also determine your winnings. If you win, you win big. However, if you lose, then you lose heavily. Many of the games are divided into quarters. So based on your analysis, you can place your bets only for certain quarters or for the entire game.

Tips when betting on spreads

  • Understand the game

It is extremely important that you understand what game you are betting on. For example, if you are betting on soccer in QQ188asia.com The leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookies, then know the rules of the game. Also, do your research on the two teams that will be playing. This will help you when you want to place your bets. Having prior knowledge about the game always gives you a better understanding of the game and this helps you place bets intelligently.

  • Predict the likelihood of betting on a spread

Always analyze the situation. Think about the probability of winning, before betting on the spreads. Spreads give you a chance to win big, but can also make you lose a large amount of money. So always give due consideration to your odds.

  • Do thorough research

Doing research does not only involve researching about the game. Research about the organization that is conducting the betting too. Look at the different players involved. Also take a look at the fees that you will have to pay to the book keeper. Usually, it is 10% of your winnings but take a look at it before placing your bets.

  • If you are given a bonus offer, take it

Bonuses help you win more and also increase your chances of winning. Usually, during festive seasons, the betting sites come up with many offers. Make sure that you have a look at all the bonuses. They are a boon to the player.

  • Do not invest all your money on one bet

Betting all your money in one place is not encouraged. Bet small but on different things. This will increase your chances of winning and also you will not end up losing your entire money at one place.

  • Do not be hasty

This is one important rule that every person entering into the betting world should follow. Usually, they tend to make unwise decisions in the heat of the moment and regret it later. Always think clearly, weigh your pros and cons and then decide. Never take a decision just for fun or without proper analysis as doing so will cost you a lot of money.

  • Experience Helps

You get better with each game. You learn the rule and regulations and you develop an intuition for the entire betting process. As you gain experience you will start to predict the game with more confidence and you will also get more insight into the game. Experience always helps. That is why people when the start out, always bet small and as they gain experience, increase their betting amount.


Point Spreads is just one of the many techniques employed to attract more customers and extract money from them. Additionally, gambling is a crime in many countries. So take care and be cautious. Analyze and understand the point spreads and then decide how you want to bet. Make intelligent bets and make sure you do not get addicted to gambling as it is very difficult to get out of it.

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