Movie Themed Online Slot that You Can Play Online

Movie Themed Online Slot that You Can Play Online

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If you happen to enjoy watching movies and also playing slot games, you can get these two hobbies combined altogether. The licensing agreements between the casino management and the movie producers make the game developers able to design amazing slot games with authentic music, video clips and images from the original movies. Here are 5 movie themed online slot that you can play online and using your mobile device.

Movie Themed Online Slot that You Can Play Online

Movie Themed Online Slot that You Can Play Online
Movie Themed Online Slot that You Can Play Online

Terminator 2

First slot machine that is based on popular movie is terminator 2. This movie has been the highest grossing movie in 1991. The terminator 2 slot machine is able to capture the main essence of the movie using the characters and video clips from the original movie. This slot machine also includes lots of rewarding and exciting features which reflect the movie perfectly. There are also some free spins, character symbols, and also various paylines. If you want to try this exciting slot game, you can play it at e-gamesqq882 Malaysia’s trusted and leading online slot betting website.

Man of Steel

This slot game is one of Playtech’s Super Heroes Jackpot editions. This game is made based on the popular superhero movie in 2013. Man of Steel slot offers eye-catching, colorful, and detailed graphics as well as its intense music. The players can spot the main characters of the movie in this slot game including Perry White, Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent. The players can also find various special features such as Krypton free games, the World Engine bonus, Battle for Earth free games, and also shifting wilds. This slot has 25 paylines and if it is added with Krypton free games, the paylines will expand into 50.

Planet of the Apes

Another slot inspired by the popular movie is the Planet of the Apes slot game. This exciting slot is famous for its amazing sounds and graphics along with innovative gameplay and features. This online slot has obtained the license from 20th Century Fox and is designed from two movies, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. This slot game has two 3 x 5 slots that are located side by side. Each slot reflects the movies and also the characters of the movie. Each side has its bonus features and free spins.

King Kong

This game is inspired by the popular movie named King Kong. This slot also has obtained the license from Universal Studios. The design of King Kong slot game is very outstanding. This includes high impacted video clips from the movie and also the key characters. It has one unique design with two game modes. The first one is the jungle mode and the other one is the big city mode. Jungle mode reflects the adventure on the deep forest and the big city mode is the adventure in the city of New York.


The last movie themed slot is Gladiator Jackpot. This slot game reflects the famous movie called Gladiator starred by Russel Crowe. This movie has been able to get 5 Oscars. In the video slot, the players can step on the gladiator arena and feel the heat. It also has 5 reels along with 25 paylines. The players will be able to see the characters of the movie such as Proximo, Juba, Gracchus, Lucilla and also Commodus.

SO these are the 5 movie themed online slot that you can play online. Try each one of these games at casinoonlineqq808 top casino live gaming website in Malaysia and earn lots of money. Have fun!

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