Mah Jong Quest: How to Play and Win It

Mah Jong Quest: How to Play and Win It

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Mah Jong Quest: How to Play and Win It – Mah Jong Quest is one of the most addictive simple game you will love. It is not like the classic and traditional mah-jong game which actually is some kind of poker games with multiple players on a deck. This one is more like matching card game with some levels of difficulty.

Mah Jong Quest: How to Play and Win It

In your Mah Jong Quest deck, you will find many tiles stack on it. Your goal will be to clear all of the piles by picking them in pairs. There are 32 patterns of the tiles in total. You will not be able to remove the tiles which left and right side are against other tiles. You also can’t remove tiles that have other tiles tack up on top of them. You need free tiles. Sometimes, these rules can be tricky in which you will end up picking the wrong pair and one tile doesn’t have a pair.

Mah Jong Quest: How to Play and Win It
Mah Jong Quest: How to Play and Win It

The Twist

The usual game play is now taken into more advanced levels by adding several twists. The twists appear as game modes. Players commonly have three modes in offer. The classic mode as mentioned above, the Kwazi’s Quest, and the Puzzle Mode. On classic mode, you need better score and better timing, aka speed, to declare better winning. On Kwazi’s Quest, you don’t have to clear the deck but choosing certain tiles to pair. The Puzzle Mode is similar to the previous mode, but you have more choices on patterns for it. The entire modes in Mah Jong Quest are worth to try.

How to Win It

The rule is clear that you need to make pairs to remove the tiles. However, you should try to choose the tiles differently. Instead of just picking available pairs, try to see possibilities. Try to pair tiles on the bottom with tiles on pile at the center. It will free some more piles than you will with usual steps. You can also make layers of strategy by looking at possible tiles to remove after one or two more tiles. Your job will be to find pairs for the first one or two tiles to free it. This is harder t do, but it makes great winning for Mah Jong Quest.

What Challenge to Try

Beside the entire modes offered, the only challenge you should try is on how you play it. When you find your own trick or strategies, you will need to play it on good speed. You have no competitors but it will be nice to see how you make progress on it. You should try to play faster but with the same great winning. You can see the record you make and it can be your next goal on this game. Other than that, there is no additional challenge available on this Mah Jong Quest.

This game is easy and simple and it makes the best attraction of it. The entire difficulty levels add positive twists on it and it prevents players from being bored with the game. There is no special skills or technique needed. Anyone can play the new Mah Jong Quest.

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