Lucky System To Use To Win In Live Dragon Tiger Casino Game

Lucky System To Use To Win In Live Dragon Tiger Casino Game

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The lucky system to use to win in live dragon tiger casino game is a must because you will be able to win the game easily. Today, we will try for giving the explanation and definition from playing Dragon Tiger online game. You may not know about the online dragon tiger now. While, this game is an interesting game that can give some money for you if you are able to win the game.

Lucky System To Use To Win In Live Dragon Tiger Casino Game

Dragon tiger is one of the betting games at Best Malaysia Live Casino & Online Gambling Site that offers it players a easy game to paly. This game uses the card as the tool for playing. There are many people say that this game has the similarity with the Baccarat game. To be able to get the winning in playing the Dragon tiger game, all players just need to get the card with him highest total value between dragon or tiger. If those get the tie value, the tie case will win this game. So, you must know that there are three options in this game. Those are Tiger, Dragon, or Tie.

For the lucky system in playing the Dragon Tiger, all of them are decided by time. There is the certain time you must know for making the get. If the time is over, all the betting will run and it can be canceled again. Then, the dealer will start for rolling the game. The dealer will give the cards for Dragon and Tiger. If one of them gets the highest score of the card, it becomes the winner.

Lucky System To Use To Win In Live Dragon Tiger Casino Game
Lucky System To Use To Win In Live Dragon Tiger Casino Game

The cards used in the game of live dragon tiger casino game

In this game, there are some kinds of the poker cards. But, Joker card is used in this game. The cards you will find in this game are the cards of A, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q and K. Here, you must know about those cards because they usually used in the then poker game. But, in this Dragon Tiger game, the highest card is K. The, the A card is the lowest card. The rule of playing Dragon Tiger casino game is like the Baccarat game.

But, the different thing is in a Baccarat game, if the player or banker wins the game, it will be cut by the dealer. In spite of it, Dragon tiger game doesn’t get the cutting of the payment if you choose Dragon or Tiger. But, you will get the cutting of the payment if you choose the tie betting. This game is so much fun at Live Casino Gambling Games And Best Free Bets Website where you can get a lot of rewards by joining their big promo offers.

The rule of playing live Dragon Tiger game

There are some rules of playing Dragon Tiger. Those are:

In this game, the dealer will give two cards for the Dragon and Tiger. Then, the player of Dragon Tiger game can make the bet at one of them. You can choose Dragon and Tiger. The Dragon or Tiger payment is 1: 1. For the tie result, the player of the Dragon Tiger game will lose a half of the financial capital. Then, the system and rule of Dragon Tiger game are King Card is the highest card while the Ace card is the smallest.

The payment for the tie result is 1:8. For example, if you make a bet in 100, the result of the payment will be 800.

Choosing the best site

After knowing the lucky system and rule of Dragon Tiger game, you should choose the best site as the place for you playing the game. You can play the game via mobile phone so this game can be played easily. You can play it at Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia whenever and wherever you want to. This is the important information about Dragon Tiger game.

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