Is There Any Betting System that You Can Use in Dragon Tiger?

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Dragon Tiger is a famous casino card game firstly introduced in Cambodia. It is well known for its simplicity and speed. Although it is simple, there are some important things that require more attention in the game. How does this game work? Is there any betting system that you can use in Dragon Tiger?

Is There Any Betting System that You Can Use in Dragon Tiger?

  • Know How to Bet

Before knowing the betting system in Dragon Tiger, let’s see the rules of placing a bet in this game Although this game is known for being the simplest game, any player should not overlook the betting process. In this game, a player’s bet is placed on either spot, or Dragon or Tiger. After the bet is all set up, the dealer will place cards in face up on the table.

The cards with the highest points will win by considering the following rules: all aces are low and whenever a tie result happens, the house has the right to take the half of every wager. This would be the house’s profit. With more than 6,000 results in tie among 86,000 possible outcomes, the house will have an edge of 3.73%.

  • Know Your Betting Options

There are bunches of strategies that you can use in playing Dragon Tiger. But maybe some of you and some bettors just want to play the game without bothering applying any strategy like card counting. If this is the case, the best way to place you bet is stick to the Dragon and Tiger bets. The reason is simply because these bets offer the lowest house edge (3.73%) among all the possible bets.

That’s why; just place your bet when you think either the Dragon’s hand or the Tiger’s hand will have the higher points. These bets will likely pay even money in online casinos in Malaysia such as Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia.

Despite of those two betting options, you still have another betting option, which is the tie bet. This betting option is considered the worst among all. In the beginning, tie bet seems to be attractive and tempting as it pays 8 to 1. It seems to enable you to make huge bucks. However, you seem to avoid tie bet at all cost due to its huge house edge which is up to 32.77%.

Where does the percentage of the house edge come from? Well, we know that there are 86,320 hand combinations but there are only 6,488 outcomes in tie. So, there are actually 79,872 chances where you can lose. Even worse, the suited tie bet has fewer outcomes in tie. It is only around 1,456 outcomes. Therefore, it is apparent that this tie bet is not only difficult but also less profitable.

  • Know How the Betting System Works

You may have heard from some bettors recommending the use of betting system on Dragon Tiger. The reason is simply because this is a very simple game. However, don’t blindly follow that as there are only few players (or even nearly zero of them) that claims they have made big bucks using a betting system on Dragon Tiger. So, you better hinder this betting system and just play the game without it.

Is there any betting system that you can use in Dragon Tiger? Yes, there is, although it is extremely not beneficial. You better not fool yourself with the betting system and just go with the dragon’s or the tiger’s bet whose profit is already obvious.

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