Important Facts about Basketball Handicap System that You Didn’t Know

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Are you tired of losing again and again in your basketball handicap betting? Are you tired of experimenting this and that strategy of winning basketball handicap betting? Well, you may have missed some Best Online Sports Bookie Website & Asia Top Free Bets Bookmaker important facts about basketball handicap system that you didn’t know. What are they anyway?

Important Facts about Basketball Handicap System that You Didn’t Know

Injury report matters

If you want to be a master of basketball handicapper, you need to keep yourself updated with the last report of your favorite teams in any games, especially the ones you are planning to place a bet on. Basketball teams play so often that changes inside of team is unstoppable to happen. The changes can be about the players featuring the next games and the ones who are resting for a while.

Do update yourself with which players who just got injuries, how their absence will probably affect the team, which ones are the key players, how the team will survive without them, what kind of rotation the team has, and sort of things.

Basketball trades do give influence on how a punter should handicap a team

Trades and or player movement play crucial role inside a basketball team. Many NBA teams have spent many times working and playing with the same players. This makes that group of players know how to work together on the court.

Unfortunately, player movement is something unavoidable. When this happens, the team needs to make some adjustments. Sometimes the changes require long time for the team to get accustomed to. Even worse, those changes evoke some negative effect on how the team will play together. However, there is also a possibility of the team being better off after the trade.

As a basketball handicapper, you can exploit the team’s transition time after the trade. That time can be profitable as you can earn more bucks by betting on the opponent of team who are still working on the adjustment.

Trend should not be the one and only factor you rely on

Trend and statistics seem to be a popular thing among handicapper because it is where they get guidance for placing a bet is from. However, without considering other factors of a basketball game, all the statistics and trend can be misleading.

Let’s say you are right now planning on setting a bet. You take many things into consideration – one of which is the statistics between two particular basketball teams playing. The statistics say that in the last 12 games in this season, Team A won 10 games over Team B.

This may sound good news for you. However, this good can turn into bad if you missed the news about team A that had to rest some key players due to knee injuries. With the absence of the key players, the statistics become irrelevant as the trend happens when the key players were featuring the team.

Those three important facts about basketball handicap system that you didn’t know above seem to complement each other. You cannot rely on one fact only and ignore the others. Doing so will invite a catastrophe into your betting career. Make sure you have considered all the facts before betting.

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