Dragon Mahjong

Dragon Mahjong

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Dragon Mahjong – This is an original board game from China for brain exercise. Mahjong has 144 pieces of tiles. Each tile has a different feature. The tiles are composed in grid. The board has a different feature as well. The layout of the board can be different in pattern, size and height. There are hundreds of different Mahjong boards.

Dragon Mahjong

Players can use five to fifteen minute time limits, but if players do not want to use time limit it is OK as well. The game is so interesting that makes players addicted. Players want to play it again and again. It looks simple but can make players confused sometimes. It is interesting as well when it is played online.

Dragon Mahjong
Dragon Mahjong

Here is the direction to play it online:

  1. Make sure you understand the goal of the game. The goal is to remove all the pieces of tiles from the board.
  2. Match two pieces of tiles. Not only can we match them by their numbers, pictures, or appearance, but also we can match things that go to each other, for example a star with sky, a flower with plant, etc. Valid match consists of tiles that are free and identical. The thing is you must match the pieces of tiles that have the same Chinese symbol. However, you are not free to choose tiles to match with other tiles just like that. You only have to use the tile that has no other tile, at least on its left or side right. The free tiles will be shown with yellow lines when you use your computer mouse to point them. If you have difficulty finding the right match, there are hints to help you. If you use the hints, you will lose points but it will help you when you are stuck. Just click H, then you will be free from being stuck because the match will show itself. You can find the available numbers of matches at the bottom the computer.
  3. The game is over when there are no more tiles to be matched.

Mahjong is a kind of game of luck however there are tips and strategies to play it.

Here are the tips and strategies:

First, you have to remove the matching tiles that can unblock the most tiles. Then, try to remove tall stacks and long rows. Since each tile comes out four times, just be careful when you remove a pair of matching tiles when you only have three tiles. Make sure you choose the pair that goes to each other perfectly. If you have four tiles with the same types and they are free, just remove them quickly.

Be careful, hitting the hint button is not always the best way to get out from being stuck. The hint often gives the easiest but complicated move. Try to locate the best matching tiles as quickly and accurately as possible. You need to really consider which tile goes with other tile before you free them. Good Luck.

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