Dominoes: All Fives

Dominoes: All Fives

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Dominoes: All Fives – Are you looking for a fun game to be played in your spare time? Are you looking for a game that can be played with your family and friends? Domino is the answer! Who doesn’t know this game? This classic game is considered as one of the famous game in the world. There are so many types of dominoes depend on the rules and how to play. One of the types of domino is All Five.

Dominoes: All Fives

For some people, this family game is also known as Point Game. Rumor has it; Europe is the first country where this game was started. Nowadays, dominoes All Five is more popular in United States. Besides, Point Game this domino All Five is also called as Muggins, Double Six and Single Spinner or Five Up. Muggins is a domino game which doesn’t have a spinner while Five Up means that all doubles in this game are the spinners.

Dominoes: All Fives
Dominoes: All Fives

What to prepare?

You need to have a set of double six dominoes. Domino All Five can be played with two to four players but it’s highly recommended that you play it with four players. Next equipment is a cribbage board for scoring or you can write it down on a piece of paper. Please remember that score is the total scores that are made.

How to play dominoes All Five?

  1. The lot determines who the first player is in the first hand. The player who can play first is the one who dominoed in the previous hand. The lot will determine the lead again if the last hand in this game was blocked. In this game, the lead can be in any tiles.
  2. Next player must play in a tile which the tile is matching the free. In this game doubles count as the total of the scores and they are played crosswise.
  3. The spinner is the one who is the first double. And then the first and the second tiles will play against the spinner. Then the third and the fourth tiles will against the end.
  4. If a player cannot play the tile, he or she must draw tiles until he or she has the tile that will play or the boneyard is empty. If he or she can empty the boneyard but still cannot play, the next player will take his or her turn.
  5. The hand will continue until all the players are blocked or until one player domino can play his tile.

Are there any variations?

You can find other variations about how to choose the first player, which tiles can be lead, how the score is and the size of the hand. There is a source about a table for hand’s size:

  1. 2 players can get 7 tiles on each player
  2. 3 players can get 5 tiles on each player
  3. 4 players can get 5 tiles on each player

How to win this game?

Even though this game is kind of family game which is fun and relaxing, of course you have desire to win it. Here are some tips about how to win dominoes All Five:

  1. The lead in the following hand can lead you to win
  2. Try to block the tiles carefully with intention that you will have the lowest score
  3. The scoring game is an obvious strategy to let you win

There are so many websites about this game that provides you with a lot of tips and tricks about how to win this game. Have fun!

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