4 New Tricks to Win at Dragon Tiger

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As time goes by, many players are trying this 4 New Tricks to Win at Dragon Tiger. This game actually has some similarities with another casino game called blackjack. However there some differences that make this game also requires different tricks, too. Here are some of the new tricks that you may try at dragon tiger.

4 New Tricks to Win at Dragon Tiger

  1. Bet on dragon or tiger

The first and simplest trick that will not require any complicated strategy is to stick on dragon and tiger bets. These bets will give the house edge 3.73% probability, which is the lowest of all possible bets. If you think that one of the dragon hand or tiger hand will appear as the higher ranking card, simply place your bet on one of them. The bets will pay even money.

  1. Do card counting on live dragon tiger

The next trick is still simple, as long as you play it on live mode. Card counting will not be that complicated to be applied since the simplicity of the game itself and the fact that the cards which are dealt with each deal are very little. It will make players easier in counting the cards and keep tracking how many big or how many small cards that have been dealt. One sure thing is that you can keep tracking how many 7-cards have been dealt since you will lose your bet, no matter what bet you make if a 7 card is drawn.

  1. Use suit-based strategy

Even though for some reasons people say that dragon tiger is a game where your luck is the most important factor, it doesn’t mean that you can’t apply any strategy while playing it. One of the most effective ways in tracking the cards is by watching which suits that have been dealt the most during the game. This can be considered as the most effective strategy in making the suit bet. The simplest example is by calculating how many suit cards are appeared in the game and how many decks that have been used. It will be more recommended for you to bet on the clubs if your estimation shows that the clubs suits have been played the least.

  1. Never use any betting systems

You may think that because of its simplicity, you can freely apply any betting systems in playing dragon tiger in Onlinecasinoqq288.com The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia. In fact, that idea is not really recommended by many players or experts. The only reason why any betting systems are not recommended is because there is no history that a betting system has won players big money. It’s more recommended that you play safe instead of risking your money by applying any betting systems.

Basically, playing dragon tiger game can be considered simpler compared to other casino games. However, the fact that no betting systems have ever worked in this game makes us look for another way to win the game. Therefore, learning 4 New Tricks to Win at Dragon Tiger is necessary to test how far you can beat the game.

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